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  Welcome to Simcountrycitizen
 Providing players of simcountry to have its very own social fantasy network.
Here at we have a great instant messenger system and there are other ways to chat here too, we have music and videos all uploaded by our own users.
You can write your own blogs, play games, buy and sell items, create your own groups, even visit and keep up to date with the latest news in the forums, you even have the option to meet some great people.
Our very own advanced SMS alert system keeps you up to date with messages, winks and even possible love interests so you can always stay connected!
Our built-in SMS system means you can receive new winks and message alerts right to your own mobile phone!
Registration is quick and simple. You can add as much or as little information as you like to your profile. Just want to give the minimum? That's fine.
Just fill out the essentials which are your username, email address,...You can always go back and add more later. As soon as your email address is verified its all up to you.
Good luck and above all have fun!
Lets all get together to create a great social network.